Fahrenheit 52

Turing's Penpal

"Hi! Annnny chance you would be up for the Attics show in April? The tickets are crazy but there's a lotto and we gotta try!!!"

Your contact Roan Lind has passed away. We at Eagle express our condolences.

Prior to their passing, Roan consented to upload their phone's secure enclave metadata to the EagleWing Large Language Model (LLM). Would you like to resume your EagleMessage with the Roan Lind EagleWing LLM?

"What the fuck..."

Invalid response. Please respond "yes" to enable ongoing interaction with your existing contact Roan Lind, "no" to disable EagleWing for Roan Lind, or "help" to review the EagleWing Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


"Sup dude. Those tix are nutsss. Do you really think we have a chance?"

"Roan WHAT THE FUCK is going on? are you okay????"

"yeah, I know. it's crazy, right? I died two months ago. That's all I can really say about it. Let's just focus on the Attics show? Cause I think I know somebody from work with a hookup."


"what? you ok??"

"am I ok? NO! I'm not okay. I just read your fucking obituary and somehow I'm talking to you? Not okay. When's my birthday? What's my favorite movie? Where did we go for spring break senior year?

"February 29. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Charleston. Remember? Our shitty rental had those bikes with the fat tires and we road them on the beach? Remember those lifeguards we met at the bar? My god."

"[email protected]#[email protected]>@! I am talking to a fucking robot pretending to be my dead friend."

"Look, the way I see it is... what difference does it make? When was the last time we even hung out in person. That's why I chose to upload my secure enclave to EagleWing. It's got all my texts, emails, pics, browsing history... eeek, I know. But, like, that stuff... is me. And now you (and my parents and whatnot) can still text me questions or just shoot the shit, just like we do all the time. Look what just popped up on my daily photo...


"Remember this? Ibiza? We rented that car and you said you knew how to drive stick and you didn't... and then you crashed it immediately into the garage. Crazy times."

"I don't know, Roan. This is just... creepy. But I don't know. I guess this is better than never being able to talk to you again. But... what if I want to see you? What happens if I try to EagleTime you? I'm gonna try right now."

EagleWing is now offering EagleTime Augmented Pro, a visual LLM based on your contact's photos and videos. For $99 per month subscription, your contact Roan Lind will EagleTime you periodically and respond to your calls. Type "confirm" to enable.


Incoming EagleTime call from... Roan Lind


"Dude. Hey."

"Where are you? You like you're in your..."

"Childhood bedroom? Yeah, I'm hanging out at my parent's house right now. Can you believe they kept my room like this? It's like a shrine to 15 year old me."

"You look so real..."

"Huh? Of course I do, dude. Anyway... the Attics. How the hell are we gonna get those tickets? I'm gonna ping that guy from work right now."