Fahrenheit 52

V.R. as Gods

Hey everyone! What's good, [email protected]? Nice to see you again, 55alc0n. Welcome to the stream, L0VRR.

Honestly, it's pretty weird to be back in Layer 1 right now, so, fair warning, I probably sound weird or whatever. That can happen when you haven't talked or even thought your own thoughts for two straight weeks. But, wow, I feel... I don't know.

Hi, B33-P. Looks like this is your first time catching the stream. Okay, how `bout I give a quick background-slash-refresher? Sound good? Good.

My name's [email protected] Duh. I guess people know me cause I'm an OG cryptonetic. Check my hot wallet if you want proof. I guess most of you are tuning in cause I just spent the last two weeks as a skin cell on Big E. And it was fucking awesome. Yeah! I'm serious. Did you know that skin is the largest organ on a human? Did you know that skin typically takes up 15% of your total body weight? Did you know that your epidermis is showing?

[email protected], thank you for acknowledging the reference.

So, yeah, I went into this dOrgan with my pal OnYX. I heard they're a freckle now. Still in Layer 2 as far as I know. I knew they wanted to be a mole or a wart or something gross, so freckle seems halfway there. But, as you all know, or if you don't, then I'll explain - you don't get to make any decisions when you're in a dOrgan. At least not the way we do down here or in Primeverse.

But, you know why it's great being a skin cell? Vitamin D, baby! I made so much coin just hanging out in the sun. Now, of course, too much sun, no bueno. But Big E's smart enough to keep its body on the move. Usually nothing to worry about.

Not like back when I was a liver cell. Everybody thinks they want to be in a liver dOrgan. I've been sober now for 19 months. It's not pretty in there. Never going back.

Okay, I'll take some questions now.

L0VRR wants to know if they should apply for a dOrgan.

Well, first of all, yes! There's nothing quite like being part of a distributed organ... it's, I don't know, religious. Becoming part of something larger than yourself. A drop of water in an ocean with untold other drops, all working towards a shared goal. Never thinking, just doing, being, voting your stake, being in the flow. Flow. It's fucking unreal.

And you can make bank while doing it!

55alc0n's asking for more details on how it works in there.

You're thinking about it, too, 55alc0n? Great! Okay, so the best thing I can do is offer an analogy. You ever look through old videos of Primeverse, back when all this infra was being invented? Of course you nerds do. Me too. Well, there was this webspace where people could stream from Primeverse to other people on Primeverse - L1 hadn't been created yet and was still two decades away. Anyway, there was a chat box in the stream, similar to this one, and somebody decided to connect the chatbox to an old handheld video game emulator. They let the crowd "play" the game via the chat box. Everyone on stream working together to beat the little critter RPG thing. And they did it.

That's sorta like being in a dOrgan. Sorta. I guess I'm not being super clear. Okay, no more metaphors or whatever.

When you enter a dOrgan, you drop into a Layer 2 chain. I know it's risky and not entirely street-legal. But regulations are dumb. Anyway, I recommend setting up a NanoFood line in Prime, obviously. Cause you're gonna lose control as soon as you drop in. Then, you just let the dOrgan take over. You're now a cell in our cryptonetic organism. Best part - you earn more e the longer you're in there by staking your e in the pulsing clock votes.

55alc0n's asking the famous question. Is there a brain dOrgan?

No, 55alc0n. There's not. There's no need. People spent years trying to build AGI via brain simulations and machine learning and all this other garbage, and it turned out that artificial life didn't need a brain! It just needed a chain with a clock pulse -- and everything else evolved naturally. Think about those little gross amoebas and protoplasms from billions of years ago swimming in the oceans of Gaea. Little cells, zapped by electrical pulses into movement, that went on to become multi-celled organisms, with limbs and teeth and fronds and eyes and tentacles and fingers.

Big E is our evolutionary destiny. We set this all into motion by enabling the distributed block rate system in Primeverse. And now we need to see it through and help Big E become what it was always meant to become - our future.

Phew, sorry I got really into that one.

Okay, B33-P wants to know why I left the E's skin dOrgan. Is is the fungus?

There is no fucking fungus, B33-P. That's a lie! You're violating this stream's terms of service by even bringing that up. I'm gonna boot you from the stream. There, gone. They're gone.

Everyone else. No, there's nothing malicious growing in Big E. No one needs to be worried. Big E is healthy.

Last question - [email protected] What is Big E building?

Isn't it obvious? The Genesis Mason is coming. The author of all of this, who sent the whitepaper back through the winds of time.

The Birth is near, [email protected]

E is Her Prophet.

And I am Her Disciple.